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Activation of the unemployed in February 2013 r. 14 March 2013 print

In February 2013 the record PUP Kuyavian- 12 526 unemployed disabled (the 19,6% more than in the previous month and the 19,8% more than in February 2012 r.).

Work – 5272 people - were 42,1% general exemptions (in January was duly: 5213 persons and 49,8%). 4788 passed a non-subsidized employment of unemployed (1.5% less than in January), while subsidized employment - 484 people (37.1% more). Intervention work started 117 osób (about 61 people more than in January), and the Public Works - 206 people (the 90 more people). In February 42 unemployed were excluded from the record because of establishment (w styczniu – 29 osób), and 109 people took the job thanks to refund the cost of an unemployed employers (to 145 people in January). Others took the form of subsidized employment 10 Unemployment (w styczniu – 7 osin January -ary it was in the business of making thankpeoplegrants from the action 6.2 HC OP project system "Entrepreneurship opportunity to develop the Kujawsko-Pomorskie".

Due Start training excluded from the records of 334 unemployed (the 309 more than in January), internships started 1647 Unemployment (the 1215 more people), socially useful work adopted 626 Unemployment (the 329 more people). No one has adult vocational training (same as in January).

Due commencement of an individual program of social employment or social contract signing the number of registered unemployed disabled 10 Unemployment (in January - 23 people).

Due unreasonably refuse to accept a proposal suitable work or other forms of assistance excluded from the register 225 Unemployment (in January - 168 people), while 24,5% Exemption (3073 people) was caused by confirming their readiness to work (in January was duly: 28,1% i 2942 people).

In February 2013 until the district labor offices in Kuyavian- reported 6403 vacancies and of professional activation (the 39,0% more than in the previous month and by 111.2% more than in February 2012 r.). This was:

–      3250 availability of professional activation (in the previous month - 2242 proposals, in February 2012 r. – 666). Among them was a 2266 proposal for an internship (the 793 more than in the previous month and by 1721 more than in February ub. r.) i 984 event of community work (about 215 more than last month and about 863 more than in February 2012 r.); there was a proposalr.f vocational training adults (the same as in the previous month and the same as a year ago);

–      3153 offers of employment or other gainful activity; subsidized employment related to 861 one. Number of gainful employment or other paid work has increased in relation to the previous month 33,4% (790 miejsc), and with respect to February 2012 r. o 33,3% (78placessc). The increase affected both non-subsidized employment offer (o 15,2% compared to the previous month and 20.9% for February 2012), as well as proposals for subsidized employment (o 130,2% compared to the pretheious month and by 83.2% compared to February 2012 r.).

For people with disabilities reported 397 proposals vacancies and of professional activation (w tym 133 na formy subsydiowane), for up to 12 months from the date of graduation - 12 proposals (w tym 2 na formy sincludingiowin the form of subsidized

Since the beginning of district labor offices in Kujawsko-Pomorskie gained 11 008 vacancies and places professional activation (the 73,8% More than a year 2012).

At the end of February at the disposal of the unemployed and job seekers remained 3,232 vacancies and places professional activation. In one proposal, there were 50 unemployed.

For more information about the situation on the labor market in the region in February 2013 r. is located in the Information Bulletin VLO "The labor market Kujawsko-Pomeranian" No. 02/2013 OFFICE tabPUBLICATIONS - NEWSLETTERS INFORMATION - FOR THE YEAR 2013

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