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Open borders and the opportunity to go to work abroad is a great opportunity but also a major threat to job seekers. We must realize, that our security depends primarily on ourselves and take action, which would protect us from the painful and dangerous occurrences.



We should avoid jobs that contain only residual contact (np. only the phone number) and intermediaries, who come together to fill vacancies in the office of (np. in the npfeteria). It may be, that this company does not exist.

Secondly: Do not take the WORK “IN BLACK”

Remember, that legal work is the basis for your safety. Working without a contract, you may not receive compensation, the length of service is not included in your work experience, you have paid premiums for health insurance, Sickness, Accident, and retirement etc..

Thirdly: Do not give ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS

Before leaving, make photocopies of the identity document (passport, identity card, driver license), Leave a household, and the others get to use for the needs of the employer, transport, etc.. ( that in the original. for inspection).

Fourth: Keep in touch with loved ones

Please tell your family about where we go, in which employers make employment, when you are going to return home.

It should make an appointment with my family for regular contacts, the lack of which may indicate, that you are in danger. You can set a password, notifies the family, you are in an emergency situation.


The list of legal employment agencies can be found at:

Do not pay for job placement!

Employment agencies from those addressed may charge only for the actual costs incurred, ie:

  • commuting to work and back os. addressed
  • translation of documents
  • medical examination
  • expenses associated with obtaining visas

The Agency shall conclude a written agreement with a person directed to work abroad shorting:

  • the name of the foreign employer
  • period of employment
  • the nature and conditions of work and pay
  • Conditions ins. social and the accident
  • duties and powers, people headed to work and employment agencies

Pay attention to what you have to pay compensation for such agency. in case of cancellation of work.

Remember, that the employer provides insurance in the workplace, but insurance outside the workplace, and the travel time is a matter of the employee.

Elements of employment agreements between agencies, and those targeted to work out in detail the: art. 85 ustawy z dnia 20 April 2004 r. employment promotion and labor market institutions and art. 13 ustaAct ofuly 2003 r.rTemporary Workers.

Sixthly: Realistically RATE YOUR LANGUAGE SKILLS

Basic knowledge of the country, to which you are planning a trip can be of great importance for your safety, even if it would not be necessary in the performance of work.

The employment agency should provide you a contract in writing in a language you can understand.

The authority competent to deal with any dispute between the employee and the employer is a court of, where did you join.

In the case of application to your mental or physical coercion, slave labor, necessary to report sexual abuse to the police!


  • do not leave “in the dark”
  • see the living and working conditions in the country, to which you are planning to go
  • before departure you secure a place to live, while not paying for accommodation before traveling abroad
  • get information about the accommodation and its equipment
  • take it with you: money (in an amount providing maintenance pending receipt of the first payment), phone (with active roaming), contacts to the Polish consulates in your country
  • if you have the opportunity to buy a return ticket before you go
  • Take documents confirming the right to health care (EKUZ)
  • Consider buying insurance against accidents
  • Take CV translated into a foreign language and details of your experience and qualifications.





POLISH diplomatic missions

Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain
Madrid, Stewing 23 to, 28035
Tel.: +34 913 736605. Such. orderly: +34 913 769551
madryt kropka amb kropka sekretariat małpa msz kropka gov kropka pl

Embassy in the Netherlands
Make, Alexander Street 25, 2514 JM
Tel.: +3170 7990 100. Tel.: +3170 7990 110.
Such. orderly: +31 615 852 600
Fax: +3170 7990 137
haga kropka amb kropka sekretariat małpa msz kropka gov kropka pl

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Berlin, Lassenstr. 19-21, 14193
Tel.: +49 30 223130. Fax: +49 30 22313155.
Such. orderly: +49 1637887676
berlin kropka amb kropka sekretariat małpa msz kropka gov kropka pl

Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland
London, 47 Portland Place, W1B 1JH
Tel.: +44 2072913520. Such. orderly: +44 2072913543
Fax: +44 207 291 3575, +44 207 291 3576
londyn małpa msz kropka gov kropka pl

Ambasada RP w Irlandii
Dublin, 5 Ailesbury Road, Dublin 4
Such. orderly: +353 1 2830855. Fax: +353 1 2698309
dublin kropka amb kropka sekretariat małpa msz kropka gov kropka pl

Embassy of the Republic of Italy
Italy, Rome, Your Pietro Paolo Rubens, 20, 00197
Tel.: . +39 06 362 04 204. Tel.: +39 06 362 04 300 (Faculty. Kons.)
Tel.: +39 335 599 52 12 (after hours. work).
Such. orderly: +39 06 362 04 200
Faks: +39 06 321 78 95 Fax: +39 06 362 04 322 (Faculty. Kons.)
rzym kropka amb kropka sekretariat małpa msz kropka gov kropka pl

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