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Accessibility statement print

Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement

This document is the official statement about the availability of (accessibility statement) the

Service Regional Office in Toruń has been designed and manufactured, possible to provide users with the easiest and most convenient access to the content. The team preparing the site has made every effort, to make it friendly and accessible for people with disabilities.

Network Standards

Network Standards, which led the team behind the service is to enable free access to the content for users of different types of browsers. Great emphasis was also the easiest possible access to the content of the website for people with disabilities.

Compliance with Standards

The code is compliant with W3C standards for XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Layout, distribution of elements and their graphical presentation are all defined using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Service was based entirely on semantic HTML tags, means, that even when the CSS content is still visible and capable of being read by the user. Board meets the W3C guidelines for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 AA level.


H1 headings are used only for determining the document titles. On every page headline H1 is applied only once. Headlines H2, H3, itd. They are used to divide the text into sections within a document.


The names of links are created in such a way, to the extent possible and clarify the contents of the document, to which the link leads. Links have also attribute title, which describes in more detail the link.


Images on the website have the attribute old, which allows you to view information about the content of the image in the, When the user has turned off in your web browser option to view images. Attribute old is important for users of screen readers, or have Internet connections with low bandwidth.

Font Size

The site is suitable for viewing it in different font sizes. You can use either tool to resize embedded in a web browser, as well as use the buttons located directly on the.

Grafika prezentująca mechanizm zmiany wielkości tekstu

Buttons “skip to content” i “Go to navigation”

These buttons are disposed at the beginning of the. Visible in the upper left corner allows fast navigation through the website and make it easy to use the site with screen readers. Button “skip to content” moves to the beginning of the useful content, while the “Go to navigation” allows you to quickly jump to the buttons on the main menu.


The team creates a service made every effort, your website up clear. Users can take advantage of the option “high contrast” to view the page in a color scheme by extracting individual elements up service.

Grafika prezentująca przycisk "wysoki kontrast"

Preparing to print

Each document pages can be printed by clicking on the button “print”. The printed document does not contain unnecessary elements, and font sizes are adjusted so, Am to appear on paper.

Obsluga JavaScript

JavaScript is used to enhance the presentation of site content. Disabling the browser's language does not limit access to the content of the website, and display only certain elements in a different form or omission of additional options such as. Plug options. All documents will still be visible and capable of being read by the user.

Rotators and mobile content

All information and banners, that are animated, automatically moved, scrolling or blinking are equipped with mechanisms to improve the availability. To these elements do not impede reading the contents have been configured to change / display no less than every 5 seconds. Moreover, in this case the mechanism has been applied, which allows you to stop and restarts playback of moving content in the selected part of the page.
These are the keys “Break” , that arrest of movement and buttons “Play”, which restore mobile content playback.
Each of these keys refers to a single group of movable elements such as. lower rotator.

Grafika prezentująca przycisk "Pauza"

Grafika prezentująca przycisk "Odtwarzaj"

Screen Reader (screen reader)

To read the content of the website is recommended VLO Torun's free and a free screen reader NVDA

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