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Agencja zatrudnienia ma obowiązek przedstawiania marszałkowi województwa informacji o działalności w terminie do dnia 31 January for the previous year. We invite you to the gathering of information in electronic form via the register of employment agencies engaged. The register has many competitions in accordance with the applicable Classification of Occupations and verifies forms for compliance accounting, which greatly facilitates the preparation of the Report. The procedure for filling out the electronic form has been described in instructions.

Timely submission of information about the activities of employment agencies via the registry fills KRAZ reporting obligations and requires no additional messages from the mail.

Informację roczną można sporządzić także w formie papierowej posługując się formularzem, which, when completed should be sent to VLO - st. Highway Chełmińska 30/32, 87-100 Torun. When filling out a form, you should use the current four-digit codes professions (classification can be downloaded from the registry KRAZ).


Important Information:

  • The reporting requirement applies to all employment agencies regardless of the period, elapsed since the date of registration until the end of the reporting.
  • Agencies, that in the reporting period did not render services, also be required to submit information on the activities for the previous year. In this case, provide information zeroed, and also attach a written explanation of the reasons for not taking into account the provision of services and a statement of their intent to operate an employment agency in the next reporting year.
  • It should be noted that, you do not have the same employment wrong people in information about the activities of recruitment (domestic or foreign), and then the information about the activities of temporary employment.
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