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st. Highway Chełmińska 30/32, 87-100 Torun
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Centre for Information and Career Planning print

Centre for Information and Career Planning

Centre for Information and Career Planning

The Center for Information and Career Planning can provide information on the labor market, competition, jobs and opportunities for education and training.

Guidance counselors will help develop your own plan job search, choose a profession, Mobility.

We provide individual careers advice and conduct group activities varied topics.

We work with institutions and social partners working to mitigate the effects of unemployment.

In order to increase the chances to find a job center customers can use the computer rooms, and in which the Internet, drukarki, phone, fax, skanera i kserokopiarki.

Our services are Free and unlimited time.

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z aktualnymi harmonogramami świadczonych przez nas usług.

The delivery of services to clients Centre we go principles:

  • the availability of counseling services
  • voluntary
  • confidentiality and data protection
  • equality regardless of gender, age, disability, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, political beliefs, religion or membership in a union

If you have questions or concerns our staff are ready to assist.

You are welcome!

Select who you are and explore deals for you!


The unemployed,
People with disabilities,
People coming for the first time in the labor market,
People engaged in individual business,
Older people.

Institutional clients

School principals, teachers and school counselors,
Employers and entrepreneurs,
Employment Agencies,
Training Institutions.

Legal basis:

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  • Praca w WUP Toru
    Course work in the VLO
  • Wyrównywanie szans na rynku pracy w dla osób 50+
    Equal opportunities in the labor market for people 50+
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