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Available computer programs print

Available computer programs

Available computer programs

Multimedia program advisor 2000

A wide range of various professions (542)”from A to Z”.
The Advisor 2000 consists of four core modules: 

  • The client module can be helpful for people who want to define their place in the world competition;
  • Trade module provides a database of information about “world competition”;
  • Education module is a repository of knowledge on educational institutions. It points the way to a chosen profession;
  • Navigator module contains a multimedia program guide, and further explanation of the basics of the program, wizards, training “Career Visions”, tests and other information.


The information professions future

Multimedia program with descriptions of occupations with a positive development trend - ie. such, which are employed more and more people. Competition, in which well-prepared specialist should easily find a job. Copywriter, biotechnology engineer, Landscape Architect - these are some of them.
Elements of the program:

  • descriptions of occupations
  • Media walks through the competition
  • description of the sources of information about the competition (Addresses, Tips, Products)
  • psychozabawa “Photos” - Able to check how much of the professional match our preferences regarding work.


Visions Education Career Training II

Plan your career properly. The program's valuable tips and advice will help “believe in yourself” and discover hidden deep capacity, and get answers to your questions:

  • What is the career?
  • How do you know its potential?
  • How to plan for themselves the optimum career path?
  • How to get information about the competition?
  • Where to get the necessary education and skills?
  • How to prepare a resume and cover letter?

Destroy educational training stress II

To program:

  • the investigator's initial level of stress
  • communicating basic information about stress and the methods and techniques of dealing with them
  • generating a customized program to combat the negative effects of stress
  • offering sessions “individual exercises” (Visualization, relaksacja itp.)


Multimedia Schools Higher Education Directory 2001

Contains all of the above 270 institutions of higher education in Poland. “Trendy”, “Ranking universities”, the exact address, departments, fields of study, examination requirements, a multimedia “walk” at selected universities - these are just some of the proposals of this issue.

The competition of … PC

Into the world of occupations in demand on the labor market, that without the proverbial PC screen can not do such. systems analyst, technolog ds. Media, engineer ds. electronics and many other very interesting profession. The program finds jobs by features, industries, type of work and interests. In addition to the present requirements (positive factors), Contraindications (negative factors) to education and to work in the profession. Describes the future possibilities (tasks and activities) professional, giving an impression of the profession.

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  • Praca w WUP Toru
    Course work in the VLO
  • Wyrównywanie szans na rynku pracy w dla osób 50+
    Equal opportunities in the labor market for people 50+
  • Sieć Europejskich Ofert Pracy
    European Network Job
  • Główny Urząd Statystyczny
    Central Statistical Office
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    Registry operators of employment agencies
  • Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy
    National Labour Inspectorate
  • Kapitał Ludzki
    Human Capital
  • Publiczne służby zatrudnienia
  • Rejestr Instytucji Szkoleniowych
    Register of Training Institutions
  • Rynek Pracy pod Lupą
    Labour Market at Lupa
  • Zielona Linia
    The Green Line
  • Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych
    Social Insurance