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st. Highway Chełmińska 30/32, 87-100 Torun
such. +48 56 669 39 00, fax: +48 56 669 39 99

The office print

The office

The office

Regional Labour Office in Toruń operates on the basis of local government resolutions Kujawsko-Pomeranian and rules:

  • Ustawy z dnia 5 June 1998 year by provincial self-government (Dz. You. of 2016 r.  poz. 486 with subsequent. zm.)
  • Ustawy z dnia 20 April 2004 on employment promotion and labor market institutions (Dz. You. of 2016 r. Item. 645 with subsequent. zm)
  • Ustawy z dnia 13 July 2006 ro protection of workers' claims in the event of insolvency of the employer (Dz. You. of 2016 r. Item. 1256)
  • Ustawy z dnia 27 August 2009 r. Public Finance (Dz. You. of 2016 r. Iter. 1870 with subsequent. zm.)
  • Statutu WUP w Toruniu nadany Uchwałą Nr LI/797/14 Sejmiku Województwa Kujawsko-Pomorskiego z dnia 23.06.2014 r.
  • Regulaminu organizacyjnego WUP w Toruniu nadanego Uchwałą Nr 13/389/16 Kujawsko Board of Pomeranian 31 brand 2016 r.

The main tasks of the WUP:

  • identify and coordinate regional labor market policy and the development of human resources in relation to the national labor market policy through the preparation and implementation of a regional action plan for employment;
  • owned division of the Labour Fund, including directions and priorities set out in the Regional Action Plan for Employment, on measures to promote employment, human resource development and activation of the unemployed;
  • analyzes the development of the labor market and labor demand survey, including conducting surveillance of deficit and surplus;
  • co-operation with the provincial Employment Council in defining and implementing regional policy, labor market and human resource development;
  • programming and execution of tasks and co-financed by the European Social Fund:
    • perform the tasks arising from programs, referred to in the provisions of the National Development Plan, or the principles of development policy;
  • coordination in the region implementing active labor market programs financed from the Labour Fund reserves at the disposal of the minister responsible for labor issues;
  • initiation and implementation of pilot projects;
  • initiating and implementing projects aimed at solving or mitigating the problems associated with the planned redundancies of groups of employees for reasons related to work;
  • implementation of tasks resulting from the coordination of national social security systems, for unemployment benefits, in particular:
    • performance of the functions of the right,
    • receiving and processing applications for an unemployed relevant certificates in cases of unemployment benefits,
    • issuing decisions on unemployment benefits;
  • implementation of tasks resulting from the right to freedom of movement for workers between Member, in particular:
    • support, coordination and implementation of the tasks of the EURES network in the region in cooperation with the minister responsible for labor issues, county governments, trade unions and employers' organizations,
    • performing tasks related to participation in the EURES cross-border partnerships, in the activities of these partnerships;
  • performing tasks related to the international movement of workers, under separate regulations, international treaties and other agreements concluded with foreign partners;
  • organizing and coordinating the provision of services and vocational guidance and career information, and their development in the region;
  • development, collection, updating and dissemination of information professional in the region;
  • co-operation with the minister responsible for labor issues in developing, collect and update information on a national professional;
  • cooperation in the region with the District Labour Offices on the organization of training, adult vocational training and apprenticeships, in particular:
    • study the demand for skills and vocational skills for the labor market provincial and dissemination of the results of these studies,
    • keeping a record of the training institutions and the analysis of their training offer and share information about this offer,
    • methodological support activities of district labor offices in the organization of training, adult vocational training and apprenticeships,
    • analyzing the effectiveness of the impact on the labor market training, adult vocational training and apprenticeships, and dissemination of the results of these analyzes,
    • social dialogue in the field of employment and lifelong learning,
    • popularizing the concept of learning throughout life, and dissemination of good practices in the organization of training, adult vocational training and apprenticeships;
  • organization, conducting staff training and funding VLO and district labor offices;
  • determination, after consulting the provincial council jobs, based on the classification of professions and specialties, list of professions, where vocational training for young workers can be made refund;
  • cooperation with the competent authorities of the educational, schools and universities in harmonizing education and training to labor market needs;
  • keeping the register of employment agencies and certification on the entry in the register of employment agencies;
  • co-operation with the minister responsible for labor issues in the development of central;
  • providing information on the opportunities and the assistance specified in the Act and provided by the public employment services;
  • execution of the tasks provided for in the law on alternative service;
  • execution of the tasks provided for in the Act on mitigating the effects of the economic crisis for employees and employers;
  • execution of the tasks provided for in other laws, including the Law on the protection of workers' claims in the event of insolvency of the employer.
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